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JUST IN: This shocking list of Fulani Herdsmen terror will blow your mind

This shocking list of Fulani Herdsmen terror will blow your mind (AS REPORTED IN THE MEDIA)

1. Fulani herdsmen kill 7 again in Benue
Published on March 26, 2014…/fulani-herdsmen-kill-7-agai…/
2. Suspected Fulani herdsmen kill at least 23 in central Nigeria…/Suspected-Fulani-herdsmen-kill… 26 May 2015
3. Gov. Gabriel Suswam of Benue REPORTED that some Fulani herdsmen attacked Agatu Local Government Area of the state, leaving ``high casualties including women and children’’…/many-killed-in-benue-herdsmen…/ May 8th, 2013
4 Over 100 women, children and farmers killed in renewed Tiv/Fulani bloodbath…/over-100-women-children-and-f…/
5. Fulani herdsmen sack Imo community…/fulani-herdsmen-sack-imo-commun…/ April 23rd, 2013
6. 10 killed in Delta as villagers, herdsmen clash…/10-killed-in-delta-as-village…/ April 15th, 2013
7. Horror: Fulani herdsmen murder, rape and destroy Ohaji/Egbema community…/ April 15th, 2013
8. Three killed, houses burnt as Fulani herdsmen attack Tiv farmers…/three-killed-houses-burnt-as-…/ April 9th, 2013
9. 5 killed in renewed Tiv/Fulani crisis…/12447-5-killed-in-renewed-t… March 24th, 2013
10. 35 reported dead as Herdsmen Clash in Plateau State....March 21st, 2013…/35-villagers-killed-in-fresh-plat…/
11. Over 100 Beroms Killed By Fulani Militias – Lg Boss | 247 Nigeria…/ March 21st, 2013
12. Hundreds Flee As Clash Between Herdsmen And Community Kills 2 In Delta…/hundreds-flee-as-clash-between…/ 21 Feb, 2013
13. 30 killed, scores injured in Fulani herdsmen, Eggon farmers clash…/30-killed-scores-injured-in-f…/ 08 Feb, 2013
14. Two die, thousands displaced as Fulani, Gwari clash in Abuja…/two-die-thousands-displaced-as-fu…/ Date Published 30 Dec, 2012
15. Save us from Fulani herdsmen, farmers plead Date Published 02 Dec, 2012
16. Plateau: Gunmen shoot 12 Fulani herdsmen, kill 12 cows…/51231-plateau-gunmen-shoot-12-fulan… Date Published 21 Nov, 2012
17. Fulani Herdsmen Rapé Newlywed In Ogun Date Published 21 Nov, 2012
18. Flash: 3 Dead As Hersdmen, Farmers Clash In Nasarawa Date Published 19 Oct, 2012
19. 30 feared dead in renewed Fulani/Tiv attack…/ Date Published 17 Oct, 2012
20. How I was almost killed by Fulani herdsmen – Motorcyclist Date Published 16 Oct, 2012
21. 2 killed in reprisal attack by Fulani in Plateau…/46483-2-killed-in-reprisal-attack-b… Date Published 24 Aug, 2012
22. Fear grips Enugu community as Fulani herdsmen kill 2 teenagers Date Published 18 Aug, 2012
23. Police arrests herdsmen with sub-machine guns…/42272-police-arrests-her… DATE PUBLISHED: 03/08/2012
24. Suspected Fulani herdsmen kill serving senator, state legislator in Plateau…/suspected-fulani-herdsmen-kill-se…/ Date Published 08 July, 2012
25. Fulani herdsmen attack 9 villages in Plateau state…/fulani-herdsmen-attack-9-villa…/ Date Published 07 July, 2012
26. Oyo to prevent recurrence of Fulani herdsmen, farmers’ clash Date Published 29 June, 2012
27. Taraba: 13 fulani herdsmen killed in fresh tribal attacks…/4551-taraba-13-fulani-her… Date Published 12 June, 2012
28. ‘Fulani herdsmen kill 75 Tiv farmers’…/47428-%E2%80%98fulani-he… Date Published 22 May, 2012
29. THE MENACE OF FULANI HERDSMEN…/40782-the-menace-of-fulani-herd… Date Published 14 May, 2012
30. Potiskum attack: Fulani herdsmen give Jonathan ultimatum…/45702-potisku-attack-ful… Date Published 07 May, 2012
31. Thousands of Fulani herdsmen flee Benue for C’river…/thousands-of-fulani-herdsmen-f…/ Date Published 28 May, 2012
32. Influx of Fulani herdsmen worries C’ River…/influx-of-fulani-herdsmen-worries…/ Date Published 28 May, 2012
33. C’River to ‘repatriate’ Fulani herdsmen…/criver-to-repatriate-fulani-herds…/ Date Published 29 May, 2012
34. Plateau State: Herdsmen slaughter family of 7…/plateau-state-herdsmen-slaughte…/ Date Published 11 May, 2012
35. Fulani Herdsmen Kill 13, Destroy 30 Houses In Plateau…/ Date Published 03 May, 2012
36. Herdsmen block Abuja-Jos road, waylay passengers…/herdsmen-block-abuja-jos-road-way…/ Date Published 07 May, 2012
37. One Killed, Several Injured in Fulani-Hausa Clash In Sokoto…/one-killed-several-injured-ful… Date Published 04 April, 2012
38. Ogun pledges grazing routes, patrols to curb herdsmen’s atrocities…/ogun-pledges-grazing-routes-p…/ Date Published 26 March, 2012
39. Suspected Fulani herdsmen kill two policemen in Plateau state…/suspected-fulani-herdsmen-kill…/ Date Published 21 March, 2012
40. Delta villagers protest attacks by Fulani herdsmen…/delta-villagers-protest-attacks-b…/ Date Published 07 March, 2012
41. M-A-S-S-A-C-R-E-! Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram kill 39 •13 villages sacked in Benue…/37087-m-a-s-s-a-c-r-e--fulani-h… Date Published 06 March, 2012
42. Fulani Herdsmen Vs Ogun State Villagers At War…/fulani-herdsmen-vs-ogun-state/1 Date Published 29 February, 2012
43. 5000 Flee As Fulani Herdsmen Attack Benue And Nassarawa…/5000-flee-fulani-herdsmen-attack Date Published 01 December, 2011
44. Herdsmen Kill 2, Molest Women In Imo…/herdsmen-kill-2-molestation-wo…/6 Date Published 12 July, 2011
45. Family of 8 killed in Jos midnight attack…/family-of-8-killed-in-jos-midnigh… Date Published 05 September, 2011
46. Fulani Herdsmen And Hausa Traders Clash At Golbin Boka…/fulani-herdsmen-hausa-traders-cl… Date Published 21 September, 2011
47. Birom People’s Reprisal Attacks…/birom-christians-eat-roasted-fles…/… Date Published 29 September, 2011
48. Fulani Herdsmen kill 6 people in Plateau State…/med…/system/js/news/node/index.php… Date Published 27 October, 2010
49. Herdsmen strike in Ekiti, kill police corporal, two villagers wounded…/index.php/t-49367.html Date Published 21 March, 2010
50. Massacre Fulani Herdsmen Kill Over 500 People In Jos WATCH Mar 8, 2010
51. How Buhari Confronted Lam Adesina Over Death of Fulani…/day-lam-adesina-clashed-with-…/
52. HOW STRAY COWS CAUSED AIR MISHAP IN PORT HARCOURT…/Safet…/RiskManagement/cowcrazy.html Date Published 10 July, 2005 see also
53. BOKO HARAM, FULANI HERDSMEN KILL 22 IN BORNO, PLATEAU…/boko-haram-fulani-…/ December 15, 2015
54. How Fulani herdsmen kill, rape Ogun residents, farmers…/how-fulani-herdsmen-kill-rape-og… Oct 2, 2015
55. Suspected Fulani herdsmen kill 79 in Nigeria…/suspected-fulani-herdsmen-kill… Published Monday, April 07, 2014
56. Delta: Fulani Herdsmen Kill 3, Injure 2 In Ndokwa Community Sep 1st, 2015 State News
57. Tragedy as Fulani Herdsmen kill Palm Wine Tapper in Delta state.…/ Dec 2, 2015
58. Sad News! Fulani Herdsmen kill Children in Plateau community (Graphic Photos)…/sad-news-fulani-herdsmen-kill-c… September 6, 2015
59. FULANI HERDSMEN KILL TWO POLICE OFFICERS IN BENUE – SAMUEL ORTOM…/fulani-herdsmen-kill-two-police-offi… March 25, 2016
60. Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Kill 15 Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria …Gunmen’s victims include children ages 1, 3 and 5.…/muslim-fulani-herdsmen-kill-1…/ December 21, 2015
61. Police abandoned us during herdsmen invasion – Enugu community…/
April 27, 2016
62. BLOODBATH: Fulani herdsmen kill 90 in Benue…/ March 16, 2015
63. Nigeria: Two Pastors Killed in Attack by Fulani Herdsmen…/nigeria-two-pastors-kil… October 19, 2014
64. Fulani Herdsmen Kill University Staff, Farmer in D…/Fulani_Herdsmen_Kill_University_St…/ April 10, 2016
65. Fulani herdsmen kill 12 in fresh Benue attack…/fulani-herdsmen-kill-12-in-fresh…/ February 8, 2016
66. Curfew in Taraba community as Fulani herdsmen kill 9, injure 10…/curfew-in-taraba-commun…/ February 27, 2016
67. Mother of three raped and killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Ogun…/ February 11, 2015
68. Fulani herdsmen kill 40 Tiv farmers in fresh attack on Suswam’s village…/ March 8, 2016

69. Graphic Photos: Armed Fulani Herdsmen Attack Agatu LGA, Benue State, Kill Scores, Set Village Ablaze…/graphic-photos-armed-ful…/ February 28, 2016
70. Suspected Fulani herdsmen kill 22, sack Kogi communities… November 12, 2015
71. Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Kill Man In Enugu…/suspected-fulani-herdsmen-kill-ma…/ March 23, 2015
72. Fulani herdsmen kill DPO, others, ransack Adamawa communities…/ Jan 25, 2016
73. Taraba: Fulani Herdsmen Kill 44 in Fresh Attacks…/taraba-fulani-herdsmen-kill-4…/ April 13, 2016
74. APC youth leader, 3 others killed in fresh Fulani herdsmen, farmers’ clash in Benue…/apc-youth-leader-3-others-kil…/ APRIL 5, 2016

75. Fulani herdsmen strike again in Benue, 40 people feared dead… March 3, 2016
76. Again, Fulani Herdsmen Kill and Sack 25 Villages…/fulani-herdsmen-kill-sack-25-…/… MARCH 17, 2016
77. At least 205 Christians killed by Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria, Thousands displaced, church services halted.…/at.least.205.c…/16655.htm 18 December 2013
78. Suspected Fulani herdsmen 'kill 20, including a senior policeman' in Nigeria's Adamawa state 25 Jan 2016
79. Kogi Crisis: Fulani Herdsmen Kill 5 in Abugi Community…/ Dec 2 2014
80. Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Kill Farmer in Enugu…/ Jan 16, 2016
81. Fulani herdsmen kill 25, injure many in Nasarawa State…/ 10 November 2014
82. Fulani herdsmen kill 1 in Plateau…/ May 1, 2012
83. Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Kill 8 In Kaduna…/suspected-fulani-herdsmen-kill…/ January 28, 2015
84. Community leaders lament as suspected Fulani herdsmen kill one…/community-leaders-lament-as-suspecte…/… 09 November 2015
85. TENSION AS FULANI HERDSMEN KILL ANAMBRA FARMER AND 2 OTHERS…/tension-as-fulani-herdsmen… Apr 16, 2016
86. Global Terrorism Index: Nigerian Fulani militants named as fourth deadliest terror group in world…/global-terrorism-index-niger… 18 November 2015
87. Fulani herdsmen confess to membership of Boko Haram…/fulani-herdsmen-confess-membe…/ APRIL 23, 2014
POSTSCRIPT: Nigeria Livestock…/eco…/nigeria_economy_livestock.html
Sources: The Library of Congress Country Studies; CIA World Factbook

Reliable statistics on livestock holdings did not exist, but careful estimates suggested a total of 10 to 11 million cattle in the early 1970s and, after the severe drought, 8.5 million in the late 1970s. Although an epidemic of rinderpest killed more than a million cattle in 1983, production recovered by the end of the 1980s. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that in 1987 there were 12.2 million cattle, 13.2 million sheep, 26.0 million goats, 1.3 million pigs, 700,000 donkeys, 250,000 horses, 18,0000 camels found mostly in the Sahel savanna around Lake Chad, and 175 million poultry nationally, owned mostly by villages rather than by commercial operators. The livestock subsector accounted for about 2 percent of GDP in the 1980s

Until the 1990s, cattle-raising was limited largely to the northern fifth of the country that was free of the tsetse fly. A program of tsetse-fly research and eradication was somewhat successful during the 1970s and 1980s, but 90 percent of the national cattle herd was still found in the northern states in 1990. About 96 percent of these animals were zebu-type cattle, most of which were tended by Fulani pastoralists. Traditionally, the Fulani moved their herds during the dry season to pasture in the moister Guinea savanna, returning northward when the rains began and danger from the tsetse fly increased. During the 1970s and 1980s, the expansion of cultivated areas and irrigation seriously obstructed this migration by cutting off access to usual travel routes.

Most of Nigeria's remaining cattle, 3 to 4 percent, are smaller than the zebu type and less valuable as draft animals. However, they possess a resistance to trypanosomiasis that makes it possible to raise them in the tsetse-infested humid forest zone. The government improved these herds in early 1980 by importing breeding stock of a particularly disease-resistant strain from The Gambia.

By the early 1970s, as the general standard of living improved, the demand for meat in Nigeria exceeded the domestic supply. As a result, 30 to 40 percent of the beef consumed in Nigeria was imported from Niger, Chad, and other neighboring countries. In the mid-1970s, Nigeria began importing frozen beef in response to export restrictions initiated by its neighbors. The National Livestock Production Company established domestic commercial cattle ranches in the late 1970s, but with poor results.
Most of Nigeria's sheep and goats are in the north, where the Fulani maintained an approximate ratio of 30 percent sheep and goats to 70 percent cattle. About 40 percent of northern nonFulani farming households are estimated to keep sheep and goats. Most pigs are raised in the south, where the Muslim proscription against eating pork is not a significant factor.

Almost all rural households raise poultry as a subsistence meat. Chickens are predominantly of indigenous origin, and there is some crossbreeding with foreign stock. Egg production is low. Private commercial poultry operations increased rapidly during the 1970s and 1980s near urban areas, providing a growing source of eggs for the cities. But commercial operations remained largely dependent on corn and other feeds imported from the United States.
Data as of June 1991

Obudu Mountain Resort (formerly known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch) is a ranch and resort on the Obudu Plateau in Cross River State, Nigeria. It was developed in 1951 by Mr. McCaughley, a Scot who first explored the mountain ranges in 1949. He camped on the mountaintop of the Oshie Ridge on the Sankwala Mountains for a month before returning with Mr. Hugh Jones a fellow rancher who, in 1951, together with Dr Crawfeild developed the Obudu Cattle Ranch. Although the ranch has been through troubles since, it has very recently been rehabilitated to its former glory. A recently added cable car from the base to the top of the plateau gives visitors a scenic view while bypassing the extremely winding road to the top.

NOTE: The cattle on the Obudu Ranch are not used to destroy crops in neighbouring communities and do not roam into peoples streets and homesteads. The ranchers do not go about killing people and they are indigenous people of Cross-River State.


Criminal Herdsmen can be prosecuted by state governments according to Ch 6 (part ll) C 211 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended.
Before the FG wakes up to its responsibilities, I suggest drone patrols of potential threat areas and Early Warning Alerts to dedicated state govt and community security apparati.
Pets and Livestock must be BANNED from roaming about in every state.

Compiled by Henry Omoregie

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