Tuesday, 26 April 2016

SHOCKING! Ohaneze Nd'Igbo allegedly conspires with Buhari as Fulani Herdsmen overruns Old Eastern Nigeria

Buhari is not even a year old in power and this is happening. This is a jihadist movement disguised as herdsmen to Islamize Nigeria and unleash terror. Uthman Dan fodio mandated them to do this. For the first time in my life, I regret voting for Buhari. I have now seen what the Biafran agitators saw a long time ago and I regret not joining them. Nigeria can never be one when people like Buhari remain in power. I used to have respect for the man until now. Now ask your selves these salient questions
 Why has the Fulani herdsmen suddenly become a formidable force since Buhari came to power?   Why has their weapons changed from Dane-guns, machetes and cutlasses to automatic AK47's and rocket propelled grenade launchers. Why did the army arrest 72 youths from the attacked community who had earlier armed themselves to defend their lands and dump them into detention before this attack?
Why is the federal Government quick to subdue IPOB and detain its leader against court orders yet remain silent while the herdsmen run rampage on other peoples ancestral homes. Why has the DSS not arrested even a single Fulani herdsman? 
Who exactly is arming these Fulani nomads with sophisticated weapons and for what reasons? 
Why is their suddenly a grazing bill seeking to be made law while other more critical needs abound in the nation?

I agree the Fulani Herdsmen terrorizing Nigerians did not start under Buhari led Govt but he remains their patron even till date.Buhari did not condemn them then as a civilian elder herdsman instead he backed them fully. Buhari gladly accepted their appointment as their Patron and then started ignoring their atrocities. He backed them fully, he intervened many times as an individual/ ex head of state .

How is it that Fulani terrorists can move from state to state armed and with their cows and no police or army knows about their arms or who gives it to them and why has nobody has made any attempt to disarm them?. From the south west to the south east down to the south south. They kidnapped Pa Falae in the west and has wrecked havoc in Delta state and from there to Agatu in the middle belt in Benue and from there to Enugu state. 

I am still trying to understand how would someone take a life just to feed a cow? I am wondering how a sane man in the 21st century is talking about feeding cows when other nations are enriching uranium and going green in power generation. Is it not a shame that Buhari has reduced Nigeria to the home of cattle rearers. The silence from state governors in the east is also as criminal as the silence from the Presidency, they are all culpable here and let these so called Ohaneze, Igbo Elders forum and Deputy senate President,Ex Governors, Past and Present Members of the National assembly, Traditional rulers hide their heads in shame.

The last time youths from the attacked area tried to defend themselves, they were arrested (72) of them and detained in the barracks even though they had no sophisticated weapons. Now they went home only to be slaughtered in beds with their pregnant wives and children. Who is in charge of our military. Who do they take order from. Who is the commander in chief of the armed forces of this fake contraption called Nigeria. As much as I may blame the governors for being cowards. I also want us to call a spade a spade. Buhari is a wicked tribalistic Jihadist bigot and that is the truth. A man who is not moved by innocent blood is only a vampire in disguise. When Dame Patience was wailing on national TV about "THE BLOOD WE ARE SHARING" we all saw the comic in it neglecting the reality on ground. There is no amount of good such a tribalistic man will offer. Other leaders in the world will not keep mute over such atrocities. Only a terrorist president will keep mute over the issue of blood. 

My submission.
Nigeria has to be careful cause the way we are going religion wise and tribal wise is just scary.
This is how Hitler started, he turned a blind eye to the maltreatment of Jews and then later made it official for them to be maltreated and where did it lead him or his people? I have said this over and over again, since Fulani herdsmen have started carrying guns rather or along side sticks, farmers should start carrying guns alongside with hoes and cutlass. The first to defend his agricultural products win. It's sad for the president to keep mute on this issue. Look at how kids,pregnant women etc are been slaughtered. No president sees such and keep mute. Worse is that those closer to him are also keeping mute. I foresee a civil war if this isn't put to a halt.
I am really worried the way things are going in this country.

There is a ticking time bomb somewhere and we don't know where or when it will go off and the casualties that will follow.

Tiff Staff of Laila

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