Thursday, 26 May 2016

ISIS Burns 12-Year Old Christian Girl To Death Because Her Parents Couldn’t Pay The Jizya

  • Christian woman delayed paying religious tax to ISIS in Mosul
  • ISIS punished her by setting the home on fire with daughter inside
  • Her daughter, 12, suffered severe burns and later died in hospital
Muhammad says in the Koran (9:29) that non-Muslims must pay a tax to the Islamic government or else suffer. This girl’s family could not pay, so the Muslims burned their house down with their daughter in it. The daughter later died of wounds from the burns, but her last words were “forgive them.”

A 12-year-old Christian girl who was burnt to death in her home by Isis urged her family to forgive them with her dying breath.
The girl’s mother described how jihadi fighters had set fire to the family home in Mosul, northern Iraq, after they failed to pay a religious tax on time.
The tax, known as the Jaziya, is imposed on all non-Muslims in Isis controlled territories and is calculated according to their estimated net worth.

Both the mother and her daughter managed to escape the burning house, but the child died from her fourth degree burns a few hours later.
Ms Issac told the Daily Express: “The daughter had fourth degree burns and the mother took her daughter, scrambling, doing anything to save her.
“She rushed her to the hospital and her daughter died in her arms.
“The last thing her daughter said was: ‘Forgive them’.”
The mother described how 'foreign ISIS fighters' had come to their home in Mosul to claim Jaziya, a religious tax imposed on non-Muslims. 

'The ISIS foreign fighters were at her door and they told her "you have two choices, you are to leave now or you are to pay the Jaziya",' Jacqueline Isaac, a human rights advocate, told the Express,.

'She said "I will pay, give me a few seconds my daughter is in the shower". They said 'you don't have a few seconds" and they lit the house with a torch.'

Mother and child were able to escape the burning building, but the girl had suffered such severe burns that she later died in hospital.

Ms Isaac added: 'Her daughter died in her arms. The last thing her daughter said: "Forgive them".'

Now that is forgiveness.


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