Monday, 13 June 2016

'I want to f*** your brains out': Marco Pierre White Jr appears to have SEX with Laura Carter in Big Brother after fiancée gives him permission to cheat

  • The Big Brother housemates shocked viewers with the sexual activity
  •  Fans claimed scenes from the show were 'pornographic'
  •  Marco's fiancée has admitted she gave him a 'hall pass' for his appearance
  •  The star is reportedly appearing on the show to pay off debt

His fiancee has given him a 'hall pass' for his time in Big Brother.
And model Marco Pierre White Jr, 21, seemed to be taking full advantage of his semi-single status as he cuddled up to fellow housemate Laura Carter, 30, and claimed he wanted to 'f*** her brains' out during a boozy evening in the Big Brother house.
After secretly sliding into bed together, the couple then appeared to have sex in the house as they hid under the covers and cosied up to one another. 

Staying quiet so they wouldn't disturb their fellow housemates, the pair enjoyed a passionate kiss under the sheets, getting incredibly hot and heavy under the covers.
Before heading to bed, the couple attempted to get some privacy in the shower, as they ran inside the cubicle whilst fellow housemate Emma Jenson brushed her teeth just metres away.

Leaning into her new love interest, Laura explained: 'I want you so badly,' as they kissed each other before she exclaimed: 'You've got your microphone on!'
Following a boozy session with their fellow housemates the pair also couldn't stay away from each other in the garden, with Marco ripping up the model's top as she went braless in the garden.

At one point, he start sucking on her bare breasts, to the horror of viewers. 
During their outdoor tryst, he also placed his hands down Laura's shorts before she whispered 'not here'.

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