Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Tension In Buhari's Camp As Petroleum Minister Tackles Rotimi Amaechi

UYO JUNE 15, 2016: THE Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Ibe Kachikwu has said that President Buhari will ensure that south-south indigenes will have their share of oil blocs when he starts adding that he has not allocated any share of oil bloc since he came in to office last year.

He made this known at a town hall meeting in Uyo , the Akwa Ibom State capital organized by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture when asked why oil bloc favored the north.
Responding to the question, Dr Kachikwu absolved President Muhammadu Buhari from blame saying he will follow the due process when the time comes.
On the establishment and maintenance of Maritime University in Akwa Ibom, the Minister disagreed with Hon Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation.
His words:
“I disagree with the minister of transport. Any facility in the South-south, we should work towards developing it, I don’t care the circumstance. It is not my business whether land was valued at 19 or 10 million,” 
“That has nothing to do with development of infrastructure. As far as I know, so much has already gone into that, so much fiscal asset has been developed. We are not going to throw away the baby and the bath water.
“We’ll deal with the issues but the university will be developed. If he (Amaechi) doesn’t want it in maritime, I will take it in Petroleum.
“On the issue of negotiations, again I disagree with him. There’s no theatre in the world where conflicts are being resolved through battle. It doesn’t matter who’s right, who’s wrong.”

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