Sunday, 3 July 2016

Man Catches Ghost in the Living Room, See How

CREEPY CCTV footage has emerged of a mysterious and large orb arriving in a man’s apartment at the SAME TIME each morning.
The resident has recorded the same shape each day. Robert P, from Colorado, USA, posted a short clip of the strange orb to YouTube, under he heading "Floating orb caught on nestcam in basement." He wrote: "I've caught this about five times floating in my basement.
”It only happens early in the mornings, between 3am - 6am. Does anyone know what this is?" Some viewers thought he could have caught the manifestation of a ghostly spirit on camera. 

One posted on YouTube: "Brings back memories of me watching ghost adventures and them seeing floating white orbs on their cameras.”

Paranormal blogger Scott C Waring posted: "Awesome video, thanks for sharing. Looks like an orb entity checking out your place." But others found a much more mundane explanation. 

Constantin Banciu wrote: "It's a spec of dust that is out of focus."
And Jim Mercury added: “Better clean your room."

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