Tuesday, 5 July 2016

See What Brazillian Prostitutes Have Decided To Do To Men During The Upcoming Olympics

Prostitutes in Brazil who were disappointed by the 'poor market' during the last 2014 World Cup in Brazil have launched a desperate 'supermarket price' in order to get a lot of customers during this summer's Olympic games to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

 Sex workers in the city's notorious Red light district- Vila Mimosa zone, claim that despite high expectations in the run-up to the 2014 World Cup, business for them actually fell substantially, hence they've now reduced their prices.
With a month to go before the games, prostitutes have prepared flyers and adverts written in English urging tourists, footballers and the general public to accept their 'juicy' offer of  40 reals (£9)- for 30 minutes of sex, 60 reals (£13) for 1hour of sex while a threesome is priced at 40 reals (£9) per girl for half an hour, and 80 reals (£18) for an hour.

Long-term prostitute Aline Docinha, 39, told the DailyMail that they do not want to see a repeat of the World Cup, when business actually dropped.

he said: 'We were all expecting so much from the World Cup, because everyone told us demand would be huge. We all thought we'd make a fortune.
'We put big TV screens in the road for the men to watch football, we put on barbeques, and Brazilian music parties.

'But hardly anyone turned up. During the World Cup the road was virtually empty. I think the foreigners were scared to come to a place like this, which isn't close to the beaches or hotels. And they were probably afraid of catching something too.
'There were a few Argentinians and Uruguayans, but they didn't have much money and tried to bargain right down. Even our regular Brazilian clients didn't show up, they were too interested in watching the football.
'But this time around we're under no illusions. We know we'll be forgotten during the Olympics, just like we were during the World Cup.
That's why we're being proactive. We just want to make enough to pay our bills.'

 Aline, who has worked in the red light district for 12 years, says before Brazil's economic crisis, she used to get over 6 customers a day but now gets less than two people a day.

She added: 'Even then, they try to bargain the price down. There are days that I go home without having made a single centavo. Many Brazilians who used to come here don't have money to spend anymore.'

'There are women here for every taste, black, white, chubby, mature, whatever you like. You can walk around and take your time until you find the one you like the most.
'And just like any supermarket, we've now got some great deals and we're cutting our prices. There's no other place in Rio like it. Take a bit of time while you're here to come here.'

The Vila Mimosa is Rio's oldest and largest prostitution zone, where over 3,000 women offer their services in more than 70 bars and nightclubs situated around a marketplace.

Source: DailyMail UK

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