Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Mermaid Caught Dead On A Beach

These are the bizarre images that purportedly show the remains of a ' mermaid ' that washed up on a British beach. The gruesome images show the decaying body of a human-like creature with a fish tail lying on the sand in Great Yarmouth .

Its mid section appears to be rotting while the tail and head have stayed relatively intact. Captured on camera by Paul Jones, the images have been shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

Mr Jones captioned the picture: "Today at Great Yarmouth we found what looks like a dead Mermaid washed up on the beach." Some conspiracy theorists who saw the picture were convinced the body was that of a real-life mermaid.

Others claimed it was more likely a dead seal with the East Coast having a large colony of grey seals, including one colony at Donna Nook, Lincs. One commenter, Paige Cook, wrote 'Rip Ariel' in a reference to the Disney film The Little Mermaid.

There may be a more simple explanation too.

Mr Jones's Facebook profile shows him to be a keen modeller - particularly of creepy figures.

He is a member of the 'Horror and Halloween DIY' Facebook group.


  1. Mermaid? I thought we can only hear about them in cartoons or stories. It does look real, is it? Thank you for the news

  2. OMG! Is it for real? Sea life organizations need to do something to save marmaids if they really exist. Really a sad news

  3. I don’t think it is real. I am sure someone found this dead body at beach and tied a plastic or feather like fiber or some fabric to make its tail. Mermaids are fantasy and don’t exist.

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