Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Sex Position Of The Week: The Missionary [The best move when the woman is pregnant]

It is important for couples to maintain intimacy when the woman is pregnant. Sex during pregnancy is known to uplift her mood, and can even case childbirth to go smoothly.

The sex position of the Day is - The Careful Missionary.

How it's done

You both assume the missionary position, but she raises her legs up and bends them by the sides of her man. He gently moves while above her and using his arms to balance himself so he does not lie directly on her bulging tummy.

Why it's hot

Most couples run away from missionary when the woman is pregnant because it seems impossible. But, considering the fact that this is the most likely position to help her orgasm, this is not a good idea. The best bet is to enjoy the move, but in a more careful way. This position gives you that. The positioning of her legs will serve as a guide and a control where she can push back if things are getting uncomfortable. She does not have to give up that G-spot stimulation because she's got a bun in the oven.


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