Monday, 4 July 2016

Igbos Are Criminals - Joe Igbokwe

This country is what it is today because all have sacrificed something even blood to make it what it is today. But ungrateful Igbos and and insatiable Niger Deltans want to destroy the country out of greed. Niger Delta militants are destroying oil platforms. They have crippled power stations that run on gas. 

They have destroyed their own landscape and polluted the waters and aquatic life. Apart from NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta and 13% deprivation, the militants from the region have been granted amnesty by the Federal Government and have been on the payroll for close to 10years now. Jonathan was the President for 6years, and he used the exalted position to provide massive empowerment to the people of the region.

Apart from making the militants multi-billionaires for doing nothing, people from the region were made Heads of juicy MDAs. What else do they want?

There is no hope for these bloody idiots who call themselves the Avengers. They are a bunch of reprobates and common criminals. They are too small and too insignificant to hold this responsible and responsive government to ransom through blackmail and intimidation.

They blackmailed Obasanjo, Yar’adua , Jonathan and now Buhari. They have reached their final bus stop and the point of no return. If the president can crush Boko Haram, these useless Avengers are damned too small. I foresee war in the Niger Delta, and it will be bloody and destructive.

Niger Delta has nothing to offer Nigeria anymore except, criminality, sabotage, destruction of oil platforms, murder, brigandage, and corruption. This the time to stop thecriminals who have had it call.

Apart from Niger Delta Ministry, NDDC, and 13% derivation, the idiots and the leaders of Niger Delta have cornered oil wells; they have stolen crude oil worth billions of dollars, Nigeria has spent billions training thousands of the so- called militants and their cronies in Nigeria and beyond.
Now this cycle of stupidity must stop. To me oil is nothing, and Nigeria is diversifying for good.

Look at what these animals are doing to their environment in the name of avenging the federal government. Ah, ah, I see war. I see war. And I hope the human rights community are seeing the damage and the open confrontation.

Igbos Should be thankful to the Hausa-Fulanis and Yorubas who allowed them into their land to make good money. 

As far as I am concerned, Biafra is a joke, so people should stop dying for nothing.

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