Monday, 4 July 2016

"Weed ATMs" To Open Up In Jamaican Airports Soon

The country is looking at ways of cashing in on the kiosks and hopes to make billions in revenue after the drug was decriminalised last year.Jamaica is planning to open cannabis 'ATMs' in its airports - allowing tourists the chance to get hold of weed as soon as they arrive in the country.

The country is looking at ways to cash in on the drug after it was decriminalised last February.

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) has now started to look at ways to introduce these dedicated desks where visitors can pick up a licence for the 'good herb'.

It is currently legal to carry up to two ounces of weed in Jamaica, although police do still have the power to issue anyone in possession with a ticket and a J$500 (£2.98) fine.

The CLA's medical committee chairman Dr Winston De La Haye said: "We've had our first meeting, and my thinking is that we'd need a few weeks to turn out an appropriate policy document."

Speaking at an vent hosted by Jamaican publication Gleamer on Jamaica's burgeoning ganja industry he said the country needs to move quickly to plug any potential gap in proper regulations for that.

CLA member Delano Seiveright said he hopes the country could follow in the footsteps of places like Canada and US state Colarado, which have both made millions from the legal sale of cannabis.

In Colorado, where weed is legal for recreational and medicinal use, they sold about $1 billion worth of marijuana and collected $135 million in taxes.

In Canada the medicinal marijuana market earns the country US$100 million.

CLA member Delano Seiveright added: "The thought is that if you are coming out of the airport, there is a kiosk that you can go to.

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